Saturday, June 10, 2006

this and that & a bit of Mogambo...

i have always wondered...yes, always wondered. what can i say? i'm curious & contemplative by nature.

this morning dad took the flight to India along with the Dentist Crew. this evening England plays Paraguay and Argentina faces off against Ivory Coast. although Chelsea remains my Club, i'm not too fond of the English as a team. i hope they lose. maybe it's just a prejudice that i bear against them for the 195 years of Raj. or maybe it's just a matter of loyalty to Brazil. it's a family affair, the Football World Cup & Brazil.

anyways, on the way back home after seeing off dad i couldn't resist myself any further and erupted into the MOGAMBO laugh....

yeah the same evil laugh that Mogambo gave every time he said, "Mogambo Khush hua," (Mogambo is happy) and did something so evil that it made Mr. India's blood boil. it sounds something like "heehaaaaha heeehaahaa HEEEHAAHA!!" with the decibel level increasing steadily with each successive outburst.

...this sudden outburst caused quite a bit of grief to my sister who has been dreading this day since forever. poor gal, all she could do was shudder at the thought of having to live with a dictatorial elder brother like myself for the next one and half months (i must admit that i thoroughly enjoyed her discomfort in true Mogambo style). but i made it up to her by making her a great breakfast. now she must clean her room or else she dies!!

the day before, Yash and the rest of the Dentist Crew got done with their exams, with a bit of help from my own dear self (now, that's a story for some other time). anyways, it certainly called for a celebration and we decided to go on and hire this beach house with a big braai set up in the grass right next to the ocean (bru, you should have seen this thing...amazing. i almost wept out of joy when i saw it).

over all it was a pretty fun night. quite surprisingly, lots of people showed up and at one time i even had to call in re-enforcements to help me with the grill. anyways, the crowd began to thin around midnight with the girls & some of the guys deciding to head back to the hostel for some shut eye and finally at around 1 it was only Yash, Digs, Jay, Chu Chu, Taps, Keyur & myself left in da house. well there was no way that we were going to let sleep ruin our party for us. so out came the hidden stock of vodka and beer. needless to say, the party carried on in full swing. i don't know when and who, but someone at some point in time conjured up 'the Grudge' DVD. well the next 1 and 1/2 hours passed in discussing Sarah Michelle Gellar's Buffy the Vampire Slayer days and her hot behind and some more arguing over the forthcoming World Cup., movies, sport and a BBQ. what else can a guy ask for!!

also, lately i have been tweaking my contacts and catching up on friends back in India and especially in Ahmedabad as a part of preparations for my own upcoming departure from this island. it is really crazy, the manner in which good ol' A'bad has changed in the past 3 years. sometimes i can't believe that Ahmedabad is the same city with the same people that i left behind when i came to Mauritius. its simply amazing.

it makes me wonder at times.


TaSnEeM said...

hey.. thnx fr lettin me know bout dat (wrd verification), fr now i guess i wanna welcm any comments.. jus started blogging, may b i'll njoy sm attention whihc mite include awesome crap :).. gud to read bout u..

Me said...

back up, you're leaving Mauritus? Why?

Beks said...

Hey Ro and I may be moving to Ahmedabad too!

Nachi said...


let me know if things fall into place and you guys decide to move to A'bad...that is great news. simply splendid.