Monday, January 28, 2008

the chained elephant...

i am in transit. i am in motion. it reminds me of the time when under the influence of a hazy smoky fog, i felt like the ocean. the ripples mesmerizing me with their gradual outbreak on a journey to the shore line. the last couple of days have been cold. and i have been laying there feeling my thoughts as if they were as real as the cold that bites through the skin and flesh and chills you to the bones.
"there is a feeling of deep satisfaction and yet, somehow there lingers a faint doubt that is enough to encourage the demon of dissatisfaction."
i have been quite vague and eclectic and irrational in my words of late...but they are simply constructs. they would be more understandable if only i managed to look beyond the barricade that i have built around myself. but i am content. i like the feel of being safe within my construct, how-so-ever 'unreal' they might be. but then i am constantly questioning myself as well. i want to know what lies beyond. i want to get out of the walls and take a plunge into the ocean. but i don't know how to swim. but i love the water.

i am confused. i am determined.

draw parallels.


Kavi said...

The nation takes a bow ! Lovely parallel ! Well written !

Ghost Particle said...

we are content until we see the other side. we are content until the walls we build turn out to be shorter than we planned, we are content when someone peaks over the walls.

love the parallels....u have energy, you cant be bound by some measly chain. :)

Keshi said...

I love the last line. Profound!


Kishley said...

"I am confused. i am determined."

Me too ..
I feel so many things almost all at once when i think about the change that is about to happen in my life.. I feel so confused yet i feel determined to go ahead.. and i do feel content too :)
Maybe i am not really reflecting what you are feeling & saying through this post.. but i do associate my feelings to the last line..