Saturday, January 12, 2008

if ever you need me to commit a crime...

We all have a price. that one quantifiable figure that determines the cost of our souls. those who argue otherwise are lying. the devil has always managed to divulge into the darkest corners of our minds and hearts and fathom what is it that tempts us. for the so called higher echelon of us humans it is the desire for salvation that corrupts. and for the larger but more simple lower order, it is a materialistic world, and materialistic desires. Faust & Dorian both sold their souls, the people of Gujarat sold their conscience in 2002, Quattarochi & the Government sold the nations security, America sold war and hate. we have all been selling. it's a simple trading/bartering world. and we are all sellers. the price just has to be right!

anyways, back to my materialistic desires, fantasies and gluttony...

...all right then, here are a few things that you can always use to bribe me with!

item # 1: for the corrupt person who dwells in my heart, get him a custom built bike that looks something like this.

item # 2: to have me roped in to a technologically detailed scam, would require an Alienware gaming PC. now this is true synthesis of beauty and performance in the digital age.

item # 3: this one is 'the' bribe. something for which i'd sell my neighbour's soul. i'm pretty much fantasizing when it comes to this particular list item. but depending upon the crime to be committed, the bribe hovers between either one or both! (ps: i come across as an incorrigible, seemingly women objectifying chauvinist pig with this one, i know! but why shouldn't i be?)


item # 4: is it's about breaking the law in 'world's wildest police videos' showdown. get me piss drunk! so that i don't remember what i did. so there is no guilt involved the next day after the crime is committed. and the best way to do so is to get me some...


item # 5: chocolates are also pretty much highly rated as viable bribing material when it comes to little day-to-day matters (such as making you breakfast/coffee). so two of my all time favorites would be...

item # 6: And then there's always this. hey, after all i am a pretty low maintenance guy. so if you can bake the perfect Apple pie i am all your's! ;) what is it that you would kill for??? ;)


Ghost Particle said...

hey u dont steal other peoples lust and ask them what they want :p

can i be there when u do this?

Nachi said...

Ghosty: hey, i am not stealing anyone else's lust here...guess that most of us men fantasize about the same thing anyways!

"be there when i do this?" hehehehe...shall consider, but what are my incentives??

Keshi said...

aww Nachi I thought u'd kill for me. LOL!

o well, I'd kill for last bottle of water on a hot summer day..:):)