Thursday, January 17, 2008

a musical interlude to the celebrations...

3 years ago on this very day, i stepped into Bloggerville...the intent at that time, considering that i am a very very bad e-mailer, was to create a platform and space wherein i could keep all my friends and family members sitting in different corners of a circular globe sort of informed on the happenings of my life & be a source of personal insight into my thoughts (like an evolutionary map of myself & my writings) & project my perspective of life and it's humor in a tangible manner. yeah, i know, i had pretty idealistic origins to my blog. but then, somewhere along the road my blog became what it is today...a place where i put up a lot of humbug and bullsh*t depending upon the flavor of humor possessing me at the moment and an extension to the wide wide world (www) and all the amazing people who inhabit it and i have become friends with over time.
in short, it's been an amazing 3 years. and i am in no mood to put an end to something that i enjoy so here's a toast to my blog on it's Birthday wishing it a very very long and merry journey ahead!!
anyways, have been roaming around town with my ipod stuck in my ears all here's one of my favorite songs straight from the playlist.


and a few dedications for all my dearest friends and fellow bloggers...

and one for you Ghosty.

for you and you only, my super sexy Keshi.

for the indomitably spirited and inspirational Susanne.

something for the South African bru.

for Rhythm, the dental saw wielding sister o' mine.

for you, my gorgeous Ani.

and a special something for all the other members of Bloggerville.


i know, i know...i am the best!



Ghost Particle said...

aww come on, am I that special? You damn well I am! And u r lucky i got a cool song! :p Hugs Bro!

And Did I tell you this is the best post ever?! THE BEST! must have had a ahrd time with the codes, but then you did it bro. I wish you for a lot more years of this. Coz we will be there for you to see it 'go down'. (I got the cloverfield review up bro.)

Hugs and all the best of the candid but clear and prescice writing.

You are a man, a friend, a brother, a son, a lover and above all, one cool blogger. :)

susanne said...

Hi Nachi, I feel so honoured being in the chain... :-))))

And of course thanks for the song and the nice compliment!!!

By the way your thoughts about blogging are the same as mine.

And of course: You are the best :-)))))