Sunday, January 06, 2008

& the ranting continues...why oh why??

sometimes the strangest thing that you can do is to simply wake up in the morning and muster enough courage to pull yourself out from underneath the warm and cosy blanket and take the first step towards the forthcoming insanity of the day...and at other more fortunate times you simply stay in bed. why we do what we choose to do is the result of our own lazy, foolish, obstinate, 'mom (or wife or girlfriend)-threw-me-out-of-bed' reasons. which one you swear by is up to you.

there is a generally accepted point of view amongst the oldest and the best of my friends that of late i happen to be the most moody/eccentric and pricey jerk of the entire lot. things just don't happen the way they must happen (which in itself is a very questionable happening) when it comes to me being around. for starters, i have earned the dubious distinction of having ignored the 'looney bunch of pals since secondary school' for increasingly longer periods of time. secondly, it really does not help that i also happen to assign first priority to my family before i decide to hang out with them. i swear to God, they hate me for that and i sure get into the stinkiest pile of shit cause of it. still, i wouldn't have it any other way.

randomness aside, last night was the second night in a row that i spent partying with the pals. the day before yesterday evening was spent in a casual manner after a 8 month long hibernation on my part. last night was the mad house visit. so basically i got yelled at over the phone, picked up from the restaurant i was having dinner with my family from, drove to the Drive-in (open air) theater, uncork two bottles of booze and then end up half drunk at the 4 star hotel at 2 am hogging ourselves. finally crashed at Ronak's place around 4 am and then had to drag my arse outta bed at 8 to get to my Aunt's at the other end of the city in time for breakfast...little wonder that 'smoking up' wasn't too high on my list this afternoon.
and oh, by the way, I HAVE QUIT SMOKING! maybe that also counts. right?

anyways, had a pretty funny ride back home in the morning from Ronak's place in the rickshaw. the rickshawalla was a non-stop jabberwock who had made up his mind that it was his duty to enlighten me upon various topics of life in the city as it is and as it should be...what he said is a story for another post. this one is a random and feeble version of a rant post. so no stories.

and yes, have managed to get some stuff up on the photo blog and on exp. soup. so honk as you pass by if you like anything.


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Ghost Particle said...

bro! im liking ur rant exciting life u got there!

and congratulations on quitting smoking! it was bad enough that u had the habit in the first place :P